Comprehensive Graphic Design Masterclass




From Basics to Professional Portfolio


Unlock your creativity and master the art of graphic design. This comprehensive course covers essential design principles, software tools, and industry techniques to create stunning visual graphics for both digital and print media.


What Wil you Benefit From Course

  • Acquire in-demand skills for a career in graphic design or freelancing.
  • Build a strong portfolio showcasing your design capabilities
  • Enhance your visual communication skills
  • Learn industry-standard design software
  • Understand design principles and techniques for effective graphic design projects

Course Content

  • Introduction to graphic design principles and elements
  • Exploring design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Typography and font selection for effective visual communication
  • Color theory and application for impactful designs
  • Logo design, branding, and visual identity creation
  • Layout composition and effective use of imagery
  • Designing for web and mobile platforms
  • Print design techniques and production processes



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